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Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant is owned, operated, and provides entertainment by the one and only SAUSAN!

Since its grand opening in 1999, SAUSAN has cooked up storms of delicious entrees and delectable desserts as well as produced the best in belly dancing entertainment. 

She continues to change and introduce new exotic and impressive Egyptian dishes as well as beautiful and talented belly dancers to the general public.

Make your reservation today and experience the authentic tastes and teachings of SAUSAN!

Egyptian food and entertainment, San Francisco

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Phone:  415-876-2300


4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco

Between 41st & 42nd Avenues

Outer Richmond District



Take out only Tuesday - Sunday

5:30 pm til 9:00 pm

Live Music & Belly Dance

on Special Evenings

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Egyptian Restaurant, Egyptian Food, and Belly Dance

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Sausan, the Executive Chef of Al-Masri, was born in Marysville, CA, and lived overseas from age one until she was 15 years old.  During this time she learned the cuisines of several countries including Spain and Thailand as well as the Middle East when she began studying the dance of Egypt.

In 1999, with her partner Dr. Hatem El Sayed, Sausan opened Al-Masri, the only Egyptian restaurant in Northern California, promoting the culture and cuisine of Egypt. "At Al-Masri, we have the very best food and the very best belly dancing . . . . period!"

Egyptian food and entertainment, San Francisco



Download one of Chef Sausan's favorite Egyptian recipes

Alexandria Style Mussels

Let Chef Sausan know how you liked it.

Egyptian food and entertainment, San Francisco

Sausan has published an internationally known magazine, Sausan's Resource Directory Guide, as well as a nationally known newsletter Mohamed Ali Street Corner Quarterly. Her plans include an Al-Masri restaurant cookbook and several publications and instructional videos on Middle Eastern/Belly Dance. She has been published in several publications including Gilded Serpent and the Zaghareet magazine.


Sausan has since stepped down from performing professionally herself and is now focusing on providing the opportunity to aspiring dancers who are eager to break into the belly dance field but continues to act as Executive Chef for her restaurant.  She holds classes, workshops, and seminars and has lectured several times at the Stanford University, and at U.C. Berkeley.


For more information on belly dance classes, please visit The Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance on the web.


In 1972, Sausan had her first encounter in the Belly Dance arts. She moved to the San Francisco in 1977, and began performing professionally throughout the Bay Area in 1980.  Sausan served in the Navy Reserves from 1978 and retired in 2000 after serving for over 22 years. She has traveled and performed throughout the world with Antarctica being her most favorite. Her performances also include Princess Cruise Lines, The Rotterdam, and The Achille Lauro. Having performed in the north and south poles, Sausan is affectionately known as the "Duo Polar" Belly Dancer.





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Independently owned and operated by a native born and raised United States female citizen and military veteran.  

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© Copyright 2013 Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant. 

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